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Bharat Productions®: South Asian Music, Arts & Culture

We recognise Mohammed Rafi (1924 - 1980) as one of the most outstanding sons of the Indo-Pak subcontinent and dedicate this site to this enormous legend who will live forever in the songs that he sang with his Golden Voice. On 30 November 1980, four months after Rafi Sahab passed away, we produced a Tribute to Mohammed Rafi show in Cape Town, South Africa. For this show, we engaged the services of 20 members of the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra (String Section) to accompany our regular Indian instruments and singers. This was the first show of its kind in South Africa, and Bharat Productions® has since gone on to produce many shows as well as promote many Indo-Pak singers and musicians in different parts of the world.


This site, as part of its dedication to the memory of Rafi Sahab, will be used for the promotion of South Asian music in general with continuously updated information, and will from time to time, feature different singers, composers and musicians from the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

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